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If you use a shiny speaker, you already know all the opportunities and all the pleasures, which makes it more than just glorified fat. But, admit it, you may have given him a vision of privacy from time to time. All things considered, this is a microphone stand located in your home, waiting for the next sentence to start what you say. Here's how Latest Global Wired to tighten the reins of the company The alexa, Yahoo and Google Associate, and Siri can detect, when and how it will be used. It's a good time for him to buy shares. A survey at Bloomberg on Wednesday revealed that some pieces of the alexa company are not just given as anonymous devices Wired microphone at microphoneguide to study sets of rules, but that you are actually analyzed and transcribed by reviewers. This practice is useful if you know that sets of rules should teach man-controlled cases how to refine and improve their accuracy. However, there is no reason at all for the customers of the company alexa to know it! In addition, Amazon Online Marketplace has not been informed of the auditors of Alexa. Apple, Yahoo, and Google, who also make a popular audio system, do not sometimes shout at your rooftops, but organizations also said earlier that they also use expert reviews. Amazon online marketplace did not answer some questions about its techniques and offered only one press statement to WIRED: "We are only annotating an exceptionally small number of connections from a pair of random buyers to improve the customer relationship, "he says. "We have strict specialized and functional safeguards, which will absolutely avoid any threshold policy for the misuse system, and staff do not immediately have access to information that identifies the individual How To Tighten or the account in the context of the system. this workflow.

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