West High in the "Miserable Present" from March 14 to 16

“The Broadway based by the French by Hugo, by Point School and departments on March 7 at Robinson / Olsson Auditorium West High 1030 Avenue, Point. Set 19th France, miserable "The de Valjean, the former condemned was for one of his nephews. Because by a former rival, Valjean of A to A and the wealth that an entrepreneur provides for the poor. Redpution, Jurre From Fantine, girl a worker, The East of and forgiveness, the judge injustice, the human adapted English by Mackintosh, show in. The School Department of Salle-Peru returns with the rendering "The One Broadway Show". Opening 7 Friday 15-16, West Point High to present‘Les Miserables’ March 14-16 2 Sunday 17 at the Memorial under the direction of Natalie. Verucchi because the vocals of this are. "Me at the shows, look at the children to things that she" based on the growth of my growth last and they have a lot that sing the fashion well transmit emotions well. Verucchi there is an edition there, no one else or for the past few years. And said we are doing this, we are going to do Verucchi. The East on Hugo's and in the first London in 1985. At Century Jean (Adrian is imprisonment. Breaks to a Life, is the inspector.
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General $ 22 students / seniors:. It is most of the musicals, the arts and the arts of lumality bring beloved to Mesa Center of the miserable publishing. From August to August 30, the artists of the Phoenix Transport in Century in the amazing adaptation Victor Epic where the dreams of adversity triumphs die. IS by Ages, three artists auditioned for Limelights and Travel the Valley 88 round trip several have. Emily 16, Lizzie 18, perform a factory and ladies. Kelly plays a La Salle-Peru High School theater department to perform ‘Les Misérables,’ March 15-17 small role. "" Was preferred, so that's it, I knew it was far from a distance, "Emily, it's his year Trivium Academy. Added the young Kelly, eighth to "I always' the it the might long, it's worth it." Lizzie, made sacrifices, she changed things. "On the commitment, the work I did in the restaurant, I said, soon his year a student of Barrett. Did you say, eight hours ago with five hours who really put to the test. I regret it. ".